Peter Durand


I am interested in lots of stuff. I don’t even know how to catagorize it all. But here is an attempt. Feel free to use anything that is useful.

Art & Design

Alphachimp Studio WeBlog, – dating back to 2004, this is an eclectic thread of design-oriented posts with sustainability and visual eye-candy sprinkled in.

Visual Learning

The Center for Graphic Facilitation tracks the space between information graphics and graphic facilitation. The site includes an interactive map of the world where practitioners can hang there shingle as professional graphic recorders and facilitators.

Health Care Innovation

We track several trends in the public media: the health care crisis, health IT, diabetes, obesity, patient engagement, re-inventing education, genomics, etc.

Other members of the VCBH who are publishing their thoughts, specifically, fellow monkey brains and leaders of our Regional Informatics department:

Also, the Owen School of Management has a solid roster of student and faculty bloggers on all topics:

Social Innovation

While living in Pittsburgh, I became involved with this dynamic field that brings social need together with business innovation. Along with Leah Silverman, Tim Zak of Carnegie Mellon and Bernadette Clavier of Stanford, I helped launch the Social Innovation Conversations podcast station.

This is part of the amazing network of volunteer producers under the leadership of Doug Kaye, a pioneer in podcasting, and an outgrowth of IT Conversations. The program that Tim and I produced from 2005-2006 was Globeshakers, and we had the privilege of interviewing some of the real leaders in innovation.

Another great source for conversations in theis space is the Skoll Foundation’s megablog SocialEdge.

For the best thinking in sustainability and designing for a better good, check out:


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