Peter Durand

Wizard Wall Cling Film

In Journal on March 13, 2012 at 2:29 am

Wizard Wall™ is a cling film that turns any indoor surface into an easel without the need for tape, pins, or nails. Wizard Wall film serves as an instant repositionable white board and with its imbedded static charge clings on either side. Wizard Wall has hundreds of uses — ideal for collaboration, planning and instruction.

Leah Silverman of writes:

I really like their product and see us using it throughout the week. I've requested that they send you a sample sheet so you can think about how you might use it during the GR training. It won't necessarily replace paper but there are some practice exercises that I can see that could benefit from using whiteboard and erasable markers to reduce the paper footprint, saving space and paper.

I used it at a meeting yesterday with permanent markers instead of paper and really liked that I had an instant permanent chart to hand off to the speaker. It currently comes in rolls of 30 inches by 50 feet. The company is looking to expand the roll size to 42 or 48" to accommodate our needs. It's a green product made of recycled plastic and if used with whiteboard markers can be reused and repositioned over and over again.


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