Peter Durand

Junction Mall & Maasai Market

In Journal on February 5, 2012 at 11:31 am
Sunny Sunday afternoon in Nairobi and our friends took us out to the local mall, Junction.

The mall was more massive and sophisticated than I ever imagined and obviously the go-to place for expats and affluent Kenyans alike.

We had lunch at Nairobi Java House, launched by two American aid workers who had been disabused of their aid work in the Sudan, and who are now rather successful entrepreneurs.

After hanging at the house in the afternoon making bracelets and getting gussied up, we headed out for the Masaai Market. This open air market moves around the city, taking over the parking lot of the YaYa Center on Sundays.

My mom talked a good game about how much a negotiator she is… but when left unsupervised, she was fleeced just as briskly as I was.

However, the resulting full Maasai costume for my daughter was well worth it!


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