Peter Durand

Big Doings at Alphachimp

In Journal on April 28, 2011 at 3:37 pm
Lots going on around Alphachimp Studio. 
  • CHIMPS IN ACTION: I have had the pleasure of working with almost everyone in our Alphachimp Network over the past several weeks. We are growing, with two new studio artists: Perrin Ireland and Nich Navatta. 
  • DOODLES IN MOTION: Next week, going to NYC for a big time-lapse video shoot for our new Doodles in Motion service.Also, doing more and more motion graphics work around the world. Today, I was contacted by psychologists in Australia(!?). We created this animation for a Nashville-based start-up to explain their business intelligence service: 
  • NEW STUDIO: This weekend, we are moving into the new studio at Marathon Village (an early 1900's auto factory) and I am about to BUST with excitement. We have been working from home and virtually, without a permanent studio, since our daughter was born in 2004.
  • CEASE FIRE: Worked with PopTech and the Peace TXT Design Team on the next stage of the project in Chicago.
Onward and upward!


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