Peter Durand

Goodbye, Daddy G.

In Family on January 2, 2010 at 8:21 am

Leroy Gerard

Roy’s funeral and burial were really wonderful, traditional tributes to him in all his sincerity, humility, kindness and sly humor.

He was laid to rest in Knoxville’s Calvary Cemetary on Tuesday December 29th, next to his daughter Sharon Ardis Gerard (1965-1983) and a couple of yards from his adopted son, Matthew Ledford (1962-1989).

We had bagpipes playing Amazing Grace while white doves were released into the air.  And, considering how sideways most things in our blended family go, everything went beautifully with the right mix of reverence and irreverence.

Even with the natural tensions between siblings and extended family, everyone was over at the house afterwards.

Leroy the Dude

My sister and one of her best friends from middle school helped to make a fun arrangement of photos in the dining room, lots of smiles, trips, and fun times remembered.

A cousin described him best: “He always made people feel welcome.”

More Leroy photos here.


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