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Pop!Tech Innovation Fellows

In Pop!Tech on October 18, 2009 at 12:49 pm


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SI Fellows circle up

Design for Impact

Kevin Starr
Director of the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program

Kevin helps the brightest social entrepreneurs maximize the impact of their ventures in the developing world. Starr describes how a social innovator takes a big idea to scale through a process of modelling and measuring impact.


Robert Fabricant
Executive Creative Director of frog design

My Main Man, Ali froG Fabricant

Leads the Fellows through an exercise in design thinking, emphasizing that design is an active process, not a product. His presentation was inspired by a comment from Erik Hersman (he thought we were here to talk about ice cream) and the inimitable Sasha Baron Cohen’s character, Ali G.


Robert is assisted by design and marketing genius Ali G demonstrates the power of a succinct, compelling pitch to venture capitalists for a product with an enormous target market:

  1. People who have hands
  2. People who like ice cream
  1. Thanks so much for the write up and capturing the graphic illustrator. Now I have a fabulous link for my reflection post!

  2. Thank you so much Peter. Am having so much fun here – learning huge amounts too.

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