Peter Durand

I be Twitterfied

In Innovation on December 12, 2008 at 10:30 pm
Twitter is mutating my brain.

Twitter is mutating my brain.

I have sort of gone overboard on the Twittering.  (And I don’t even own an iPhone!)

Like futuretech guru Tim O’Reilly said it: I have simply found Twitter the best way to learn what I’m paying attention to.

(Incidentally, follow what O’Reilly is paying attention to at

I have Twitter accounts established for me (@peterdurand); my business (@alphachimp); to follow practitioners of graphic facilitation (@graphicfacilit8); and, to push our research at Vanderbilt (@vcbh).

It serves as a shadow for my brain and keeps up with the way I work: swinging from virtual branch to branch without stopping. Fortunately, I am finding third party apps in the Twitter ecosystem to help me “lean into” productivity.

To hornswaggle all these accounts, I’ve discovered Twitterfeed and Tarpipes as ways to autotrigger Tweets–whether a blog post, a bookmark on, or a new piece of art submitted Durand Gallery–it is all streamed together in one cybergawking mash-up to my Facebook account (which I rarely visit these days).  I use TweetDeck as a desktop app created in Adobe Air, that begins to serve as a hybrid email app and Tweet aggregator.

“Perhaps,” it occured to me today, “I am over doing it.”

My illusion was shattered by the afforementioned O’Reilly–via his twitterfeed, of course!–the Kickbee: Twitter from the womb. When the baby kicks it sends a message to Twitter. You can see the baby’s kicky tweets on Twitter here.

For those who want to hear status updates from our less animated co-habitants, there is the Botanicalls kit, which offers a connection to your leafy pal via online Twitter status updates to your mobile phone.


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